[resolved] Stuck down key


The “down” arrow key of my Ocatrack seems to be permanently pressed, which makes the unit basically unusable. Physically the key seems fine, and it’s clean (no gunk etc.).

It’s new (less than a year old). Anyone else have this problem? Quick fixes? Really don’t want to send back to Elektron … :frowning:

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Fixed it. Please feel free to delete thread.

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Good stuff :wink:

The fact is that if may be recurent … Or did you do something to unstuck it ? :slight_smile: same left arrow here…

Ordered a replacement button from Elektron and took OT to a guy here to solder it.Don’t forget to ask Elektron to put in your order some extra buttons in case another one is broken…Happened to me also…That’s the cheapest solution and you don’t need to part with your OT :wink:


In the end it was just one of my Midi devices firing the CC for Active Track Down (note 69/A). False alarm! Stupid me.


I’ve had a few OT ‘unintended’ midi receive message ‘damn, it’s broken!?’ panics too :wink:

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