Resolved: SUB37 Midi Recording in Digitakt plays always out of tune

Hi Folks,

I want to live-record Midi Notes, from my sub37 Keys into a digitakt midichannel, and then the miditakt to sequence that notes on my sub37. So far so good…

I set up Track Channel 1 in DT as Auto Channel. Now i can play all Audiotracks. C is on regular Tune. And the Midichannel is recieving too.

So I setup a Midichannel for controlling the Sub. Midichannel 2. Works good from Digitakt, I can play the Sub in DT chromatik mode. But as soon as I sequence the Notes it becomes wrong. Some way transposed. The Midi notes seem to be recorded correctly, as I see the right keys logged into the stepsequence, but when they are playbacked by the DT Sequencer, they are always wrong on the Sub. :confused:

Same when I now play the Sub37 during Midi Live Recording the next loop playing the notes from Digitakt will be out of tune. Seems to be a semitone up and an octave down transposed.

When I activate a midichord on every single note in the DT sequencer, and set all three Notes to “0” “0” “0” - then it becomes right.

What could be the cause? I want to record and loop instantly.

Any help?

Found it.

The Midi Chords were activated standardly on the Midichannel.

Working now.

Good Day! :slight_smile: