ReSyn (reloaded)

hi everyone :hand_splayed:
this is the new version of ReSyn, a software that allows control of Synthesizers (or any MIDI capable device) over network
there’re few things that have changed and been implemented from to the previous version (which was only for the MM). there’s still some work to be done as this really is a basic version, nonetheless, it does what’s expected to do :relaxed:
if anyone is interested in knowing more or even give it a try, please do get in touch


Awesome \o/


…been a month already and work has been done in the backyard :open_mouth:
tonight/today me and @ON-OFF-ON made a test using ReSyn aand…it all worked! :grin:
there’s still some time to go development-wise but the test was good.
there’ll be more news to come…when available :relaxed: and of course* if anyone wants to know more/is interested, please do get in touch or simply drop by the Elektron IRC channel
cheese :smile:

…noone? :neutral_face:

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I for one, am extremely interested in this project.

I know our good friend @TrabanT is too since we already collaborate on A4/AR and this would make is so much cooler, easier, and more fun !

Imagine you’re chillin your studio … and I’m chillin in mine we are both live streaming or in a video chat, and I’m making/tweaking awesome sounds from my A4 to your A4 … or any gear really.

Or you say “Walter how did you make that badass mofo kick drum patch on AR” I say “Well them humble grasshoppa … let me show you physically on your machine from across the globe.”

Through the magic of @guga 's awesome sauce we shall all rejoice and RESYN !


…for those of you still interested in this or asking where did this go, i’m still working on it but at a slower pace, nonetheless…it’s still ‘in the process’ :relaxed:


Less sleep, more work. Chop chop :wink:

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