Retrig Question

I’m posting this after not really being successful with advice I received from some octa fb groups:

Is there a way to retrigger the filter envelope or LFO’s phase using the RTRG and RTIM retrigs on the Playback menu? I’m aware that microtiming has an option to have multiple trigs per step and retriggers the filter envelope on each but I can’t modulate the speed. I’m trying to play a series of Saw wavetables consecutively but with the filter activating every time the sample restarts. Thank you!

Ps: I’ve messed with playing the Lfo at a fast speed and automating the lfo speed but it doesn’t play fast enough for what I’m trying to accomplish.

No enveloppe retrig with RTRG.
Envelope retrig with Trig Counts (microtiming).
Envelope retrig with midi loopback and arp.

Faster lfo with Lfo Designer.
Why don’t you loop your saw, use slices, modulate slices with lfos?

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Could you elaborate on this? I’m using single cycle waveforms

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