Reverb top selling analog synths list is fun to go through

I have a lot of thoughts…but probably the craziest to me is the fact that Juno 60s are now going for upwards of $4000. Which is absolutely insane imo.

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Wish we had a real analog Juno 60 reissue. I fear thats the only thing that would quell those insane prices.

Fake news?

if you mean from roland themselves, yeah probably. but behringer has done a bunch of roland clones and prices only go up. enthusiasts seem to want the real deal. original 303’s go for upwards of $4k as well, and that’s with half a dozen clones on the market, even from the big boys out in Japan.

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not sure what you’re referring to?

Not your post but Reverbs stats. I am very suspicious of stats like these as they are so easy to manipulate to drum up more interest and business.

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ah okay. i just assume they go by top sellers but i could be wrong.

It’s pretty easy to find recent sales at silly prices:

Edit: bah, this link is just the current listings. You need to search then apply a filter to see sold items. I doubt they’re faking those, and getting the sellers to collaborate.

It seems a bit paranoid to assume they’d bother to fake it when people clearly are listing them for those prices, both on reverb and ebay, and I don’t see any real reason to doubt they’re selling them.


What’s more curious to me is not the prices of those classics (people will pay silly money for them) but that they sell often enough to appear in those charts. Obviously korg minologues and DFAMs sell often, but how many times does a Juno change hands each month? There don’t seem to be that many sold listings. Maybe “top sellers” is measured by net value of sales? so one Juno at $4k would count as much as 10 minilogues at $400


Manipulation of figures. Everyone seems to do it these days.


That’s just the same as spreading rumours about something with no actual facts. What your saying is just hearsay.


Its my personal feeling. I distrust all stats.

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they’ve definitely been trending upwards for years now. I’ve seen some claim it’s because of Nils Frahm, but I have no thoughts on this. can only say I’ve observed them climbing for 4-5 years now. seems like $3k is a “deal” on one. I think you can still get 106’s for around $1500 though. just gotta be careful with the voice chips. and a 60, you have to either Tubbutec upgrade it or buy a Kenton DCB converter; which is more cost, of course. 106 seems a better route, unless you really feel the 60 is worth double the price and need THAT sound.

biggest wtf moment I had on this sort of topic lately was Jupiter 8’s seemed to trend between $10-15k for years. then all of a sudden everyone was asking $30k+

Reverb sale history corroborates that impression (if believable, of course):

Jupiter 8 prices are still peanuts compared to vintage guitars and rare amps.

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Price correlation with # of boomers reliving the glory days is uncanny in the amp world


I was looking at MPC one - it’s now $900 in the US. Wasn’t it like $600? I saw it for about $600 at thomann but when I attempted to put it in my basket (just to see what the shipping would cost) I got a message saying something like “Sorry, Akai does not allow our business to ship their products to the US”.

:unamused: lame

How about a Yamaha CS-80 at $92k+…
Yamaha CS-80 Synthesizer 1980 Yamaha CS-80 Synthesizer 1980 | Reverb

I mostly just thought the semi sudden jump was peculiar.

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My guess at the underlying cause is that electronic music is becoming much more mainstream in the US, so it’s key instruments are receiving the same treatment as vintage guitars.

I think Gen-X sees techno as underground, if they see it at all. EDM was pop music for Millennials, and the international pop you often see on social media is heavily electronic, and often leans in a Roland direction.

This is probably a good thing. People who are willing to spend $50k+ on an instrument are likely to be willing to spend another $50k on a deep servicing. And if you can find a box of parts for $10k and put $20k in, you come out ahead.

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Moog DFAM at #2 surprised me