Reverse Reverb as a realtime effect

how cool would it be to have reverse reverb as a realtime effect for tracks that are playing back samples or clips

I am not sure whether I understood your question (if it was one) but for swells or transitions you can reverse samples on the AR.

Exchange the start and endpoint of the sample to create the “sucking” sound:
* Press SAMPLE for the sample menu
* Data entry knob F turned to zero, Data entry knob E is increased

I’m thinking on the OT - one track with reverse rate (-64) and a Dark Reverb. Resample this onto another track that is also reversed (-64). So you get the reverb hit/tail reversed. Sort of like Portishead/ old school trip hop sounds, which I love.


yes, but with without the requirement of resampling.

it would be like look-ahead compression.

hasn’t been done yet but there’s a first for everything.


Yeah - controlled similarly to the envelope follower on the Analog Heat perhaps …

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I’m a big fan of this sound, and probably over-use it; but I do it by hand in Audacity. A look-ahead reverse reverb would a huge fun, should such a thing be possible.

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i would say yes is possible although (1) requires more dsp than compression as reverb is a cpu-hungry effect, and (2) would not work in scenarios where look-ahead compression won’t work.

maybe not achievable on the Octatrack, but on the Digitakt, potential implementation ratio notification 45 percent.

get a Strymon BigSky! It has a reverse Reverb in one of its more experimental machines.


cool! although that would be achieving the effect by a workaround approach, and thus able to work with live input, as other guitar pedals have done so in previous years - rather than this technique i am suggesting that is analogous to look-ahead compression.

applying reverse reverb in the same way as look-ahead compression requires the audio content to be contained within the device itself, like the OT or DT, and would require the audio content to be sequenced or initially chosen before pressing play. In this way, the unit may analyse what the scenario is and procedurally apply reverse reverb before the sequenced audio event sounds.

it wouldn’t be a realtime responsive effect, same as how look-ahead compression cannot be a realtime effect. and yet, could be incorporated into realtime playback, with the limitations understood by the user.

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