Richie Hawtin, bitwig and Akai fire

Did anyone see this? Looks very cool! The Akai fire goes for a little over 100 euros new, and this implementation looks very cool! Could be the last thing to push me into using my Maschine Mk3 with bitwig as an alternative to Maschine software.

Did anyone use this script with fire and bitwig already?


I want to get a fire just to try this but my experience with Akais cheap midi products has been terrible. We have a graveyard of akai midi in my homies closet

I saw this video and I thought it looked interesting. You can pick up that Fire controller for very cheap and those controller scripts are free to download I think. I’m certainly tempted!

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I’ve tried it out, it made me buy bitwig. The script is performance oriented. With access to probability and a few other things. It’s cool to play with but nothing special. I’ve loved getting to know bitwig. It runs so much better on my MacBook Pro. It strange but I’m kind of hooked on bitwig but I don’t really know why. has a nice scrips that you just drop on the bitwig extensions folder im my documents, the akai controller is high end specs and compact, and the screen gives a nice feedback

Previously on the Bitwig topic:


Yeah I found it through this bitwig blogpost. Normally I wasn’t diving into bitwig posts here, as a Maschine user, but I always had GAS for the Akai fire so my attention was triggered :slight_smile:

I might grab an Akai Fire and give it a whirl, it looks fun and I also want to analyse the controller scripts as I’ve recently started writing my own and I want to pick up some tips and look at more complex behaviour so I can make more complex controller script behaviour myself.

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