RIP Prince

I barely have words for this, I’m so deeply in shock. Farewell to one of the most astonishing talents I’ve ever come across.

A world without Bowie & Prince is a worse place

Can’t believe it. Great musician and very underrated guitar player. World has lost a true genius.

RIP Prince.

Jesus on a stick, who next!

And Richard Lyons from Negativland. Today sucks. :sob: :disappointed: :rage:

A contemporary, a peer and a master, lost to space.

Purple tears today purple tears my fellows.

Sad times. Little Red Corvette is possibly a top 10 favourite tune of mine.

2016 is a shitty year.

:disappointed: RIP

Prince… man… This is crap. I’m so sad about this…
This isn’t the way… Not like this…

Lame that my kids won’t grow up with Bowie and Prince around :frowning: In my teens I was so pissed that I missed the 60s & 70s but I haven’t done so bad…

What I find sad about this legend passing is that he died alone. If only others had been there around him who maybe could have got him to hospital much sooner.

The geniuses particularly musical seem to die young.

Ugh, those smoky OB chords and fuzzy industrial LinnDrum hats and shakers from Little Red Corvette are on repeat this morning…who else translated so much emotion through chunky machines? Irreplaceable. There are musicians, and then there are ARTISTS.

To much Genius goig way these times :disappointed: … LENNY, BOWIE, PRINCE…