Ripcord not working with Model Samples

When I had a Model Cycles I bought this Ripchord so I could power it via USB iPhone charger plug. It worked just fine. It plugs into the power handle socket.

Anyway I sold the Cycles years ago, but kept the Ripcord in case I ever needed it.

Yesterday I received a Model Samples. I just tried using it with the Ripcord but it doesn’t work at all. I tried plugged into the wall as well as a PD 20W power bank.

Is there some configuration I need to make to get the power handle socket to function? I can’t see one? I’m thinking the Ripcord may have become damaged/defective somehow while sat in my drawer.

The manual describes the M:C and M:S as requiring a 5V DC supply, not 9V…just checking if this is correct?

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The M:C manual says “Center positive 5.5 × 2.1 barrel jack, 4–10 V DC” for the power handle port.

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Yes, I’m pretty sure it is correctly spec’d and it worked with Cycles. I reckon I must’ve damaged it somehow.

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I also don’t think that’s right for either MS or MC. It should be 5v

I use this one and it’s less than $8:

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Pretty sure they’re both right. The one you linked is right for the back socket, the other one is right fo the power handle socket.

EDIT: OOPS I didn’t consider polarity.

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Interesting… I didn’t realize they made those. On My Volts (right now) they only sell the 5V ripcords for MS/MC, rear connection only.

Hmmm… I don’t think so after looking up this model number on My Volts.

I don’t mind being wrong, but just based on what I see this doesn’t seem the right adapter.

Just noticed that my quote from the M:C manual (and the M:S manual, I checked) says “center positive”, but the photo in the original post says the Ripcord is centre negative.

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Apologies… my assertion was based on remembering the two voltages … I didn’t consider polarity.

So the cable I posted isn’t for the MS/MC?

Strange as I can’t think what else it would have been for, and I remember using with Cycles

Doesn’t seem like it. Don’t pedals tend to be 9V negative tip? Were you using it with one of those?