Rode M5 Matched Pair + Digitakt Compatibility


I am new to the Elektron and recording world, so bare with me. I just got a Digitakt and I want to record myself playing violin. I want to get the Rode M5 Matched Pair but I wasn’t sure if I need an audio interface or not? It needs phantom power so I am guessing I do? What audio interface can I use for the matched pair? Because it’s two mics do I need something specific? And then can I plug the audio interface into the Digitakt?

Please recommend any cords I would need too. Really know nothing here. Thank you all

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I own the same mics and have enjoyed using them for years recording various instruments, but primarily as overhead/room mics for acoustic drums. they’re a great value for the sound quality you get in return.

for recording them into a Digitakt, you will need to get a dual pre-amp to get the mic level signals up to the line level that the Digitakt is expecting. the pre-amp should also have phantom power, as you mentioned (most do). be aware, however, that the Digitakt works with mono samples only. I believe it will sum your stereo signal to mono automatically. or perhaps you can separate the two channels into two mono samples… I’m no DT expert… also: if you’re looking around and pre-amps are too pricey, you may be best served by simply buying a small mixer.

cables: your pre-amp and mic connection will just be XLR (male-female) cables. from there, you’ll just need standard 1/4" cables (TRS is best) to get into the Digitakt.

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Amazing! This is great information. What would you recommend for an affordable pre-amp or mixer?

actually, I was thinking of the Rode NT5’s. those are what I own. the M5 is basically a cheaper version of that; which I’m sure are still great mics! Rode make great stuff. but at the $150 price point the M5’s go for, it makes it trickier to find a mixer or dual mic pres you can justify spending the cash on…

what all are you looking to do with this setup? perhaps you should consider a portable recorder with built-in stereo mics; maybe one of the Zoom units? that opens up your options for recording outside of the studio as well. and then you can just play away on your violin if you like, while the record captures it all. and then play the best parts into the Digitakt later for sampling.

Honestly I just want something that sounds good with the violin that I can use with my Digitakt. Not sure I even really need stereo, I just saw that recommended on Youtube.

Which Zoom unit would you recommend? They look pretty awesome. Was just looking at the H6 after you recommended.

Which cords would I need to get this one to hook up to the digitakt?

And would that hook up straight to my laptop too?

I use a Zoom F6 as a ‘preamp’, and it also doubles as an amazing field recorder.

I pair it with some inexpensive lav mics from mic which are super high quality and really low noise.

Works perfectly for recording acoustic guitar, kalimba, percussion, and foley sounds straight into my Digitakt, SP404, and M8.

It set me back £500, though. But I’ve definitely got my money’s worth. Completely battery powered too.

DT could go into your laptop after the portable recorder via USB (i.e. the DT is your audio interface). I’ll let others chime in on the portable recorders (like @siegef4ce did!) as to which one is best. I have no experience with them.

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Oh dang that’s a little bit pricey for me right now. What about the H6? Would that plug into the DT?

The H6 is pretty good. I used to use one on professional video shoots and it sounded pretty good, but the preamps are a bit noisier than the F6.

They both have a stereo line out and multitracking over USB, so you could connect it directly into the Digitakt’s inputs with a 1/8 TRS jack to 2X 1/4 TS jack cable.

It depends on what level of fidelity you’re going for, to be honest.

If you’re prioritizing sound quality, probably best to get a good audio interface and run it through Overbridge.

If you don’t mind things being a bit less pristine and would rather focus on portability (or get away from the computer) then something like the H6 with a mic pair would be usable, for sure.

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yeah i mean my main goal is to sample my violin through the digitakt and have it sound pretty good (it doesnt need to be PERFECT) but good sounding would be great.

don’t rule out the idea of buying used. also it’s perfectly fine if you buy the Digitakt and start to learn it while you watch for a deal on the other goodies.

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