Roland AIRA Compact Series: T-8 beat, J-6 chord & E-4 voice

Oh these could be tasty


The Jupiter chord thing looks interesting to me. Interested to see what depth there is to it.


Watching through few vids and editing seems really limited sadly. Looks more like a handy way to get juno chords into a setup than a sound design source.


Always great to have good sounding low cost entry level devices like this for folks getting into the hobby, but with maybe 60% of the features, of a proper unit, nearly everyone will outgrow these quickly if they want to do something more advanced.

Nice to see USB-C though!


And rechargeable is a nice touch over batteries


I’m sure a T-3 (303) is coming soon as well. Makes much more sense, as the original 303 also has limited sound editing possibilities, so all actual controls will fit.

And I like a limited synth like the 303 to be compact and modern looking. If they fix the accent behaviour, it will be a winner I think :stuck_out_tongue: Even though the 303 clone market is pretty saturated already.

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I love these kind of instruments. I preordered all 3! They’re as fun for me as any high end gear.


I got all 3 a bit early and I think they really nailed it<3 This definitely feels like a notch above the Volca in term of sound quality and capabilities. The J-6 sounds incredible but is a tiny bit limited in the sound-shaping department, the two others are incredible for the size/price! :sparkles: Overall they’re not as immediate as the Volcas though, but still super fun to perform with!

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Check out the T-8! It has a TB-303 style synth built in.

FYI to those wondering - Sonic State vid said these are ACB technology btw. Not Zencore.


Oh really! I didn’t really look into them… Hmm then it’s not gonna happen I think…

Don’t have time to watch the video. Curious about the bassline sequencer.
If that’s ok, it really would be a nice package for a little acid jam :slightly_smiling_face:

Will these connect to the Roland MX-1 over USB?

A compact mx1 portable and rechargeable would be a nice addition


Now these, IMO go straight into that useless “gadget” category. Frankly, it looks way weaker than a Volca, but costs more. I don’t know. The whole affair sounds like classic post 2010s Roland. I know saying that it’s a VST in a box is stupid sometimes, but man it looks like a freeware VST that comes with that lite version of a DAW in a box.


It seems they don’t have any parameter sequencing, which makes them a bit lifeless.

E-4 is my bag.

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Freeware VST usually have a lot more tweakable options than those tiny boxes.


They look pretty cool, wonder if they will have midi CC control over all the parameters?

Nice to see internal rechargable battery power too, other battery modern Roland gear chews through AA’s.

£177 preorder, so probably £149/£129 once they become in stock.


Likewise! Thinking for band rehearsals, a wee rechargeable vocal manipulation device could be real fun. That said, it is the same price as the TC Helicon Perform-VE etc…will definitely consider.

All in all, quite interesting and unexpected set of devices here. Not finding them particularly alluring but the portability and form factor holds some power: can imagine using on the sofa, using as basic accompaniment for jams with friends, or as simple writing tools.


I can’t get past the cannibalising aspect…

Tr-8, Tr-8s, Tr-08, T-8.

It’s funny how they went from making analog emulations of real sounds, to digital emulations of analog sounds.

That being said, these look fun if not a bit pricey.