Roland Boutique Leaked (JP-08/JU-06/JX-03)

right now I am again thinking how big of a game changer elektron and their plocks ist …that tiny tiny young company with such an impact … those big names have a hard time catching up … and elektron probably has still things in the making … crazy times I live in!

btw I really like the idea of not having keys on each of them! the real plug out …muhhha

i like these new boxes and will probably grab a juno when its out.
it was my first big synth and i sold it cos it was too big for my studio/flat …

i hope it sounds good, ive been happy with system 1 / sh101 .

Really promising.Such a golden age for synths lover!
Makes it difficult to have a good saving account.

Chequeing account.
Synth account.
That’s it.

Any of this Analog modelling stuff I just don’t care for.
Never fell in love with old roland stuff out of never getting my hands on them.

I think I’ll stick to the stuff I already have.

I just wish someone would announce a pre-built Ambika type device for around $1k. If Roland did that the synth world would be on fire right now!

Sweet Jesus. Thats what iam waiting for!

Great idea to have optional keybeds

LOL :imp:

What’s the fuck with all these virtual recrearions of really old stuff !?!?!?, :confused:
I mean - we are 2015 !!!
Couldn’t they come up with something really new - OR a really innovated analog ? It’s like they wanna milk the same cow 10 times.

There on a roll making new synth hardware after years of being declared out of the game so there not gonna try and recreate the wheel just yet… It’s a shot in the right direction IMO and the old Roland’s are still some of the most used sounds out there so it seems logical to do this.

There not gonna roll out 8 voice analog pollys that nobody can afford. Seems the majority feel there modelling is pretty bang on with the new stuff… A classic sounding Roland on your knee running off batteries? Pretty decent I think. :+1:

Not exactly boutique tho. :slight_smile:

how freakin amazing is the idea of that optional keyboard??? So many times, e.g. with the microbrute, I thought “thats cool, but I dont need yet another keyboard”
thumbs up for that Roland!

I’m hoping the knobs all have CC# assignments. I don’t see why they wouldn’t.
The JX-03 would be a wonderful small footprint V/A add on to Monomachine or OT’s midi sequencer, assuming it sounds good. Always loved the sound of the often overlooked JX-3P.

MIDI CC would be nifty indeed. Im running my Octatrack with a Kraftzwerg and a Mono Lancet at the Moment. Its so nice to sequence and resample them, but unfortunately both dont send CC

They do. I think they are called “workstations”.

At least I much prefer small units that do one or a few things well, rather than expensive, huge monster gear that does everything.

That’s the thing with cows, you keep milking them if they keep giving milk.

That’s the thing with cows, you keep milking them if they keep giving milk. [/quote]
so does the supermarket section with the milk …just saying. … ooh…btw … what if Soymilk is just regular milk, but trying to introduce itself in spanish ?

Yeah, I am definitely gonna grab one because of the modular nature of it, sans the keybed. Great idea, its everything I thought the reface would be.

Lets see how they all sound , very exciting, synth days these…

I agree, but it’s like Korg- First a mini - Ms20 - than A Maxi ms20 with a little more options - than a Ms 20 desktop with even more possebilities - I would feel screwed when just spended my cash on a synth - to discover a few months later there’s a newer and better version. I don’t like this style of marketing.

My main critique is having to buy another essentially useless duplicate to get an extra 4 voices, which are necessary for this kind of synth IMO, rather than an expander. Tho nobody said there won’t be a simple expander box.

Still I like the idea of these and am wondering if different models can be chained for hybrid polly stuff or if different patches can be programmed on the duplicates which would make it much more appealing having 2 or more.