Roland Boutique Leaked (JP-08/JU-06/JX-03)

For $299 (JX-03 and JU-06) and $399 (JP-08), these look great.
64 patch memory, 16 step sequencer.
Optional $100 25 key mini keyboard.

t appears to be an extension of the System 1 plug-out code, with dedicated hardware per plug-out, and quite affordable as well.




K-25M keyboard:

nice find! …now go out and find something analog :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m sure they’ll sound great, but it’s a real shame about the 4 voice polyphony. Would it really have been so difficult to add a slightly faster processor to give this thing 8 voices?

Hopefully this means a price drop on real JX synths :slight_smile:

4-voice. Who the hell comes up with these ideas? Jesus…

Yeah… cause analog 4 has 16 voices.

I’m betting that these are effectively dedicated hardware controllers for the 4 voice System-1 plugout code that lies within.
And that each contains a software emulation of their parent (JX/JU/JP).

You can poly chain them for 8 voices, and at these prices, why not?

Batteries, sequencers, patch memories, mini keys are OPTIONAL (Bonus!)

Looking at how good the Roland plug-outs sound (SH-2, SH-101), if these are as good, they’ll move many.

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I know. Right?
And Mono synths? WTF are those good for anyway?

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Probably right, still seems cheap of them though. The synths they’re recreating here are instruments for players, that shine best with big chords. Polychaining seems like a crude hack (in terms of space and hassle) to achieve what should have been there out of the box.
Don’t get me wrong, it’s amazing that this is happening at all. Just disappointing that they didn’t make it even more amazing.

Anyone else think these might be limited edition because an 8-voice system 1 is in the works, with all of these available as plug outs?

he he he lol… :wink:

Wow …

If the technology and sound quality compares to System-1 or TR-8…

The price tag for used originals is way out of what I could justify to lay down. But this way … A dream could come true, at least sound-wise.

I like the idea of the keyboard to be an extra device. You don’t need to pay for it, if you would use a standard sized midi controller anyway.

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they know people want an 8 voice jp-8
so instead of adding the voices and charging an extra $100
they are wanting/making you buy another complete unit
a bit crappy imo

seems they are thrashing around in all directions

aria line
jd-x line
system 500 line
effects line
boutique line

be nice if they just put out 1 killer unit

They are based on 6 and 8-voice synths. And they didn’t even get that right. Jesus.

he he he lol… :wink: [/quote]
To be fair A4 is … analog. These are digital, so there really should be a limitation on the poly. It’s extra weird they are emulating Analog tech, but there are less voices and its digital. I remember when the cool thing about digital was, wow you can get so many voices for so cheap. Anyways, these are a real weird one for me! The gas line has not struck a leak.

I think the comparisons are a bit unfair.

These are “What you see is what you get”, menu free synth modules with usb audio and midi, poly chain capability, can be powered by batteries, and cost $299-$399.

Cheap, Lots of Knobs and/or sliders, Many many voices. You get to pick two.

The motto of a generation. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

This is Roland. In a year, they will repackage these as full sized 6 and 8 voice synths.

I wonder will the keyboard module allow removal of the side panel on one side to join two keyboards together with no gap and put 2 synth units on top for double the keys, double the voices and even mix n match with a split or joined keyboard?

Then again, if you already have a better keyboard, why bother!

But then you would have 2 C keys right next to each other.

I really like the UI and size of these, too bad on everything else though.

Maybe the Malekko partnership will push Roland back into analogue.