Roland JU-06A or DeepMind-6

Which and why? Thanks!

I played both at my friends place.

to keep it short:

The Roland has in our opinion bad build quality for the price and the sound was “ok”.

The DeepMind-6 has a good build quality, keyboard could be better,
the sound can get really thick and warm and definitely has that original Juno vibe.
Plus really great TC Electronics effects which are better than most more expansive synths effects.

The DeepMind-6 is huge bang for the buck, though i personaly would go with the 12D version.


I don’t own either of them but had a Sh01a and tested the Deepmind in a store.
I would say:
Deepmind, if you want something quite deep and powerful with great fx and keyboard. Also if voices are important to you (playing chords etc.)

Juno01a if you are short in space and just want something small with great sweet spot

With the deepmind you obviously get much more for your money

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Like said above, if you have a midi keyboard, I would definitely go with the 12D version.
It’s practically the same price and you will get 12-voice instead of 6-voice, giving you a lot more sound possibilities.

If you don’t already have a polysynth, the deepmind is more versatile with more polyphony, effects etc. However, I do have other polysynths and I bought the JU06-A. I disagree with the previous poster - I think the build quality and sound are great. It gets you that Roland 80s sound. But best as an addition to other synths because it’s limited in its features.

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Thank you all!
Yes, I am inclining towards Deepmind 12d as I feel it as a more complete synth.
Actually I own a Rev2 8voice, but somehow it doesn t manage to get in any production I make… It s got a sheen to the sound that doesn t inspire me…
Maybe some of u will think I am mad to get rid of Rev2 for Deepmind, but it seems more inspiring, more I don t know, clear…
Of course I don t have experience with it… I may be wrong…

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Oh i can relate, and can tell you, if something doesnt make it in production over and over again,
get rid of it and get something that inspires you and that you like to use.

It is so easy and fun on the Deepmind to get exciting things going, the display is kinda 90s like but its big, got all the info and not much diving.

And dont let me start on the soundsets you get for the Deepmind, its nuts.

I basicly play/use it everytime im at my freinds house and im on the brink of ordering the 12D myself now haha :smiley:

Sorry for typos btw, im german and got not the best english^^


Hehe yes. The Deepmind 12D is also still on my wish list. Will probably get it somewhere after the summer. Unless Behringer suddenly suprises us with a Jupiter8 inspired clone. :stuck_out_tongue:

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If you want a Juno, get a Juno. The JU-06a does it, albeit only 4 voices.
And I think the build quality is good. And the portability is great.
Juno 106 was one of my first synths, bought around 2002 and had for many years. I’m quite happy with the JU-06a knowing that it’s not going to go fiddly on me.
If you want more voices and keys the Deepmind probably is better. I don’t play keys much and my needs for chords are simple.


@heckadecimal The boutique JU-06A is based on the Juno 60.

The older boutique JU-06 (which I had, but sold again) was based on the Juno 106.

I myself will never buy Roland anymore.
They just keep pushing out new product after new product and abandon it soon after with abysmal support!
Just look at their whole AIRA line and what happened to it.

Their horrible overpriced Cloud service is a joke too. More than 2 years later and their VST’s are still horrible CPU hogs. Still not fixed.
Have given up on it and unsubscribed again.

Just my 2 cents.


Thank u all! Deepmind 12d it is! :wink:
Do u think it may be possible to be more inspirational or sound better than Rev2?
Thanks a lot!

@Jeronan JU-06a does both 106 and 60, and it has nothing to do with their cloud stuff.


@heckadecimal I am talking about Roland in general.

I feel like they just don’t understand their market and not listen to their fans.
The whole boutique line is a prime example of that.
It’s just hilarious how a 35+ year old synth had more voice polyphony than these new digital VST in a box called boutique series. There is just no excuse. Especially at those prices Roland is selling them for.

It’s just ironic how Behringer is killing it at the moment!
You can say what you want, but Behringer at least understands the market and is actually releasing products people want.
And the clones they so far released are actual faithful representations ( even improving upon it with useful extra features ), unlike Roland’s poor lazy efforts on their own legacy. /facepalm

Sorry. End rant.

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Pretty off topic IMO.


I like the JU06a and boutiques for jamming and composing while traveling or when in lack of space. Sound is ok for how I used it but not very impressive. Never used the Deepmind. But is probably better choice for in the studio.

Used Alpha Juno? They are fairly affordable and reliable I’ve heard.

True, just hard to work with that interface…

I’ve had a Deepmind12 keys for2 years. For the miney, it’s hard to beat.

  • Lots of modulation via mattix
  • I actually don’t mind the keyboard, easy to shred on it that’s your thing
  • effects are amazing!
  • very good “shortcuts” implemented


  • can be a bit quiet compared to other polys I own
  • UI is a bit strange at first
  • only two Oscillator types square/saw

I recently got a Novation summit and it kinda trounces the deepmind in most every way, but costs a heck of a lot more.
However, the deepmind isn’t going anywhere. It has a sound to it I really love.
It really is one of the best bangs for the buck


Owner of the JU-06A here. Love it. Build quality is fine. Sounds delicious. If you want something simple to take you back to the 80s go for it. Never tried DeepMind but can’t stand rip offs

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In Behringer’s defense. The Deepmind 6/12 actually isn’t a clone. It was designed by TC Electronics.

That people try to compare it to the JUNO 106, is a different matter. It’s still a completely different synth. Just like the Neutron, Crave, etc.
If it’s a clone, they call it that way like the Model D, Pro1, Wasp, etc.
Behringer doesn’t beat around the bush and hide it if its a clone.