Roland Region Specific Gear?

I sold my MPC One to some older Indian man the other day who performs percussions in a band that plays at weddings and festivals around the country and he told me that Roland makes some drum module that is only available in India. He said he’s been trying to buy it for years and contacted Roland on multiple occasions about etc. without any luck. He told me that dudes in India have been using Roland devices in ways that the designers never intended, not sure what he meant about that but I was all ears as his wife made me a nice chai and I didn’t want to screw up the deal. I am guessing that the module or whatever he was talking about is just something loaded up with sounds of Indian percussive instruments but am a bit curious how many devices that big companies like Roland make just for certain areas in the world? Doesn’t make much sense not to offer them in the US and UK for example, considering the large Desi diaspora in both countries. The guy’s wife showed me a video of his rig at a recent wedding and it was rather impressive! Hope he can figure out the MPC and be able to integrate it into his set-up, I’m sure some decent sound packs of Indian instruments must be available…

Just one example: Roland - EXR-46 OR | Interactive Arranger

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That’s interesting. Wonder if Muslingauze would of wanted one.

There’s a ton of market-specific arranger keyboards like the Korg EK-50 IN and PA4X Oriental.

Sweetwater even stock a nice Yamaha arranger:


Something kind of humorous or dated about the naming schemes for these. If you’re from India buying an instrument with Indian sounds, is it really “exotic” ?

I like that Yamaha just straight up calls theirs the Yamaha PSR-I500 61-key Portable Keyboard (Indian)

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Yea, the use of the word “oriental” would likely be more problematic in the US than India…