Roland TR-8 like Scatter mode or comparable for the Elektron Analog RYTM? Is the AR inspiring at all?

Hey guys,
I am in the lucky position to buy an Elektron Analog RYTM-machine unused for 950 $ and wanted to sell my Roland AIRA TR-8 (with traditional 909 design and changed LEDs by the way).
While working with the TR-8 for the last time yesterday, I was having second thoughts because the Scatter-function always served me well as a source of inspiration. It always spat out Radiohead-esque variations to my pre-programmed beats on the sequencer and I was able to generate ideas without really spending too much time programming/sequencing by just recording phrases of this mischmasch into Ableton Live.
My questions are: 1. Is there a possibility/effect/plugin/app/max4live-instrument/feature on the RYTM itself like the scatter-button on the TR-8 that I can run my RYTM through to be like the same source of randomized drumpattern-variations? 2. For RYTM-users: Do you get inspiration from the AR at all? Has it features that actually trigger you?
3. Would like to avoid owning them both…but will I have to?

Do you have an iPad? Collider is your answer.

I think there is a Max patch somewhere around. Check the files section.

Why not just go ape MIDI sequencing the AR with a Max sequencer?

To be fair, I expect the 5 talented individuals of Radiohead spent a considerable amount of time programming those beats.

You could also pick up the Roland Scooper or Boss RC units…

  1. Collider
    Although it looks promising, I didn’t find any video for it online to hear what it sounds like or see how it works. The scatter mode on the tr-8 doesn’t only randomize the pattern but always puts a reverse-effect on it…are there examples of the collider online somewhere that I didn’t see?

  2. Scooper
    As explained above, the Roland scooper only contains a filter and a beat repeat possibility. The Tr-8 scatter mangles the pattern through reverse grains it occasionally!

Micro timing, poly rhythms, trig conditions, scene macros, performance macros, sampler/synth layer, chromatic mode, retrig customizations, 18 minutes of user sample playback per project, 16,000+ pattern memories on the +Drive… all these things inspire my music and make it sound unique, and none of them are available on the TR-8.

If you can’t live without the Scatter effect, you should keep your TR-8.

For such effects, Octatrack is the best Elektron.


Hey. Do you mean I could theoretically build a Scatter effect with the Octatrack?

a quick search of this forum for “octatrack scatter” returned this result:


I read that and was currently looking up the sounds on youtube but I just heard a chopping sound. I am looking for the whole strange reverse-like and graining effect:

pattern WITHOUT scatter

pattern WITH scatter

I’m the developer of Collider. There is no reverse FX like that on the RYTM, unless you use samples and play them in reverse…but that would be extremely hacky


Scooper is way more than that, out of the box is remixes anything it captures, not your simple beat repeat, more akin to Yamahas remix function on the A5000 etc.
Scooper reverses sections, bit reduces them and is far more than the Scatter effect I’ve used on the Boss RC505.

Not only that, it can be reprogrammed with an iOS device to make all sorts, drum machines, synth voices etc.

You could also check Sector on iOS too, capture your Rytm loop and when dumped in Sector it will blow your mind.

Anyways good luck, sometimes you have to keep a machine for the single function that you cannot be without.

Big big BIG UP to Collider, essential to any serious Rytm owner. Also Strom while I’m at it!

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So what would be your conclusion.

Can I sell the TR-8 and just get my hands on a Scooper or even the apps?

Really just talking about the Scatter effect. I want to sell my TR-8 but cant let it go yet when the scatter problem’s not solved…

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with Collider and a Scooper you’ll have endless fun. The scooper can do all the Tr-8 tricks and many more with the included software modules

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RYTM can get plenty glitchy and generative if you make clever use of LFO’s and conditional trigs. To me it is one of the most inspiring instruments I’ve ever owned. People often ask me how many patterns I need to make my drum tracks and are usually shocked when I tell them how I usually just use one.
But for what you are looking for (audio buffer tricks) the OT is probably your best bet in Elektron land.
Edit to add that there are tons of buffer manipulation effects available in both Max/msp and Reaktor, both of which have free versions that you can’t edit the internals of.


I couldn’t honestly advise you my man as I have not touched the TR-8.
I will say though that the Scooper is very powerful, I didn’t miss the RC505 scatter effect once I had the Scooper…

If anything I’d suggest getting a second hand Scooper and see what you think, I love it, sometimes I don’t even sync it and capture just random nonsense and then with the scatter you start to hear interesting rhythms and bursts.
Be mindful though that it is exploited best with cv, I mean you can manually twist the knobs but under cv control you can automate and modulate.

The fact it can be reprogrammed is not to be sniffed at, check this nutter

Once you realise the beat is from the Scooper and can still be ‘scattered’ it makes you think!

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An A4 CV sequencing the scooper sounds like heaps of fun


I’d keep the TR-8 if you love the Scatter on it, you can for sure do interesting stuff with the scenes on Rytm but not in the same way as scatter, you could repitch, reverse, extend, shorten, filter, fx etc etc which of course can sound great, but it takes considerable effort to program then test/tweak, which is fine, but nowhere near the immediacy of scatter, albeit very flexible though.

A lot of people diss scatter, but I really like it, sure it can sound cheesy when overdone but by no means does it have to. I have a Scooper and the MX-1 and am very happy with them, keep debating to get a TR-8 but it is rather large and a bit fugly, but I think it sounds very nice, you might miss the sounds as the Rytm does not really cover the 808 sounds quite as effortlessly as the TR-8.


I had the Tr-8 with the 7X7 expansion and the update with all the sounds. I liked the built in side chaining for external inputs and the 8 different type of delay and reverbs. The scatter feature seemed gimmicky to me. Like, if you used it more than once in a set, that was too much. While the different kits could be mixed and matched, it is limited on how to make the pattern have any variation.

A lot of what everyone has already commented to you probably can’t be truely understood until you’ve owned an Elektron machine. You have many more options at your disposal than anything you can imagine in comparison to the tr-8. If you want those classic sounds you can always download them or sample them off the tr8. Just my opinion.

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I think the crux here is the difference, if any, between the incarnations of the scatter effect across the Roland/Boss range.
Probs comes down to resolution but it would be a great test!

The thing is:
I don’t really want to use it live, rather for sound design matters.
Bah. That’s a difficult decision. I just want to avoid stacking gear here at home so I really want to get rid of the tr-8 if not for the SCATTER. jesus…

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Just sell that toy
And enjoy real good Instruments with fantastic sound
One of the coolest things about Rytm
It can sound So good…
If there is something wrong with the sound
You know it is befause of you and not because of the crappy instrument.

Learn to live without scatter

If you know what scatter you like
Just craft it by hand with plocks
And change pattern to have the result you want to
Works very Well, especially since Rytm has direct change

It might be slower… its not a direct fx
But it is very deep and much more predictible…