Rough encoder knobs

Two of the encoder knobs on my Digitakt have a kinda rough almost “sandy” feel when I turn them. They are very different to the smooth smooth feeling of the other encoders. They register turns fine, they just aren’t as nice to turn as the others.

Is this a known issue and is there a fix?

I had a couple of sticky buttons a while back and fixed them with wiping down the inside of the button with some isopropyl alcohol on a thin tissue.

Is this something I can do with the knobs? I pulled them off and wiped down the shaft with the isopropyl alcohol, but it didn’t make a difference and I feel it’s more of an internal thing.

IIRC the Digis use endless potentiometers, not encoders. For encoders, you don’t want to rub the grease off, afaik it protects the encoder from dust, particles etc.

Maybe someone can confirm that they are indeed potentiometers, before you continue your cleaning efforts.

Edit, seems to be the case:

There’s also cleaning advice in the thread. Personally, I’ve no experience with what works best, but you can always contact Elektron support and ask them what they’d recommend.

You could go into the internal test mode (hold function while powering up to bring up the startup menu, then press trig 1 to enter test mode) which lets you test various hardware components as well as the software side - if you want to rule out any software bugs…

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Is this on a new device?

I’ve noticed that the pots they use now have this almost ‘sandy’ feel to them - it’s hard to describe but it’s like a subtle rough texture, and the resistance is slightly lighter.

Noticed this on a new Digitone and Octatrack, but the last Digitone I owned and the two Digitakt’s bought less recently have a more smooth feel and also slightly more resistance in the pot. Same with my MKI AH.

The part must have changed at some point or received a revision.

Thank you. Will give that a go.

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An old device. Owned nearly 2 years.

There’s a difference between the 2 I’m describing and the other 6. Definitely not normal.

Fair enough thought it worth asking - but yea that’s probably something different :+1:

Dieter says Delete.

Just got a Syntakt for Christmas and the E knob (of course, filter freq) has this feeling but it’s not consistent. Seems to be fine when not powered on but after the unit is being used I notice it. It sticks a bit at certain points where the roughness comes in. Has yours gotten any better/worse? It also looks like the knobs aren’t even seated straight. You can see it when you turn them.

FWIW I have a DT and DN and every knob on those are buttery.

They’re fine.

I’m considering doing the same, will reach out to them today.

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