Routing audio from Analog Lab to Digitakt for sampling

First off, apologies if this is the most simple and/or dumb thing, or if it is completely impossible, I just got my Digitakt a few days ago and am really getting into it.

I currently have the Digitakt connected to my system via USB and I would like to run audio either from Analog Lab (or any of the other Arturia synths) and/or Ableton to be able to sample directly into the Digitakt instead of recording something, exporting it, and loading it into my DT.

I have a separate audio interface that I can of course run an audio cable from into the DT, but since I see USB as a source in my sampling menu, I thought it might be possible.


Yes this should be possible within the routing settings of Ableton Live.

You need to install overbridge first.

On the Digitakt then:
Set to overbridge mode
Go to direct sample
Set inputs to usb
Job done

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Hey, that worked!

Turns out the Digitakt can just entirely replace my audio interface. My previous issue was because I wanted to have the audio running from my computer to my Scarlett Solo, but I’ve realized everything can run through the Digitakt.