Routing audio from my DAW to digitakt

Is this possible?

I’m after a compact live setup. Can I use the digitakt as a audio interface, I’m sure I read that somewhere, have I gone mad?

I would like to use the digitakts 1-8 channels straight from the box and then use 9-16 channels to control various instances in my DAW.

At the moment my DAW audio goes into a scarlet 4i4 - mixer - speakers and at the same time digitakt audio goes into the mixer - speakers.

Whilst we’re on it. I plan on having a keystep linked to the digitakt so I can control each channel independently using the midi channel selector. Is that possible?

I’ve got the kids today so I can’t get on my setup. I’ve just been brooding…

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Yes. Elektron has its Overbridge software that enables you to do so:

Overbridge for Digitakt is currently in public beta testing:

Not only is that possible, but the Digitakt has an Auto channel feature that allows you to address each track by selecting it on the Digitakt itself rather than by fiddling with MIDI channel numbers on the KeyStep. It’s mentioned on page 62 of the Digitakt manual, which you should download from Elektron’s website if you have not done so already.

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Thanks for the welcome. I’m pretty impressed with the digitakt!

Ill have a read of the manual later on.

So, not that I will, could I do away with my scarlet 4i4 audio interface?

I can’t quite believe it.

That’s the promise of Overbridge. But it’s definitely a good idea to hang on to an audio interface for other uses.

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With Overbridge the DT works as a 2-in/2-out interface…so if you don’t plan on needing more than two 1/4" ins, then you can make it your dedicated audio interface for sure.


I’ve just had a wee go and God damn its amazing! I was slightly intimidated by the process but it worked like a dream.

I’m in the wrong business but I’m not a fan of cables and the picture shows everything that overbridge has eliminated.

Couple of instances of the audio interface stopped working, I think due to inactivity, gawping at the screen is disbelief probably but I assume such things will be sorted when iit comes out of beta. Can I log errors anywhere.

I’m super pleased!!!

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Look in the first post of the beta topic that I previously linked to.

Yes, this work well, and here’s my setup.

Hardware: Notebook, DT
Software: Overbridge, FL Studio, Omnisphere

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Thank you for your excellent replies. I am up and running.