I have an Digitakt + Analog rytm mk 1 + Novation Peak and I will now buy an Arturia Keystep for sequencing my novation peak. I have until now sequenced my peak to my digitakt and my current midi setup is:

Digitakt Midi Out -> Novation Peak Midi In
AR 1 Midi In -> Novation Peak Midi thru

Im not that good with midi setups and now I want to purchase a Arturia Keystep for my Novation Peak and I wonder what the best setup for midi would be with all my instruments? I want my digitakt as a Master of the whole chain,

My dream scenario would be that I could sequence the novation peak in my digitakt and arturia keystep in the same time but I guess that not possible (?)

Best Regards and thanks in advance

hi, welcome to the forum.

please use the forum search, there are already many similar topics.

there are many ways you can route midi with this setup. (without additional midisplitters/mergers)

most of the devices you have have a midi thru and extensive midi setting options, so you can daisy chain midi connections. (keystep has soft midi thru in the software editor as an option)

3 things to consider:
midi sync (tempo and start/stop)
midi notes
midi program/pattern change

after looking at the other topics about it, feel free to ask specific questions.

your setup idea should be possible, i think… (sequencing peak not at the same time but from dt or keystep)

Since I don’t have the DT I can only suggest to get the manual and check, if there is the same functionality as the OT provides (which I have) or other Elektron devices with a midi sequencer for external gear.

With my Elektron boxes midi can be rerouted from the midi-in port to the active midi sequencer track and then is controlling the external instrument, which is connected to the midi out port.

This way we can play with an external keyboard any of the linked instruments and we can record to the midi sequencer of the Elektron device as well.