Routing help

Hey - not sure what to label the topic but guess it fits.

Im having some mental issues trying to work out my routing options lol :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: bare with me also, im terrible at explaining things

Currently got the mono output of my drum machine going into tube pre and then compressor. All are mono. All sounds great but since its mono output I cannot process individual outputs… drum machine has individual outs i’d like to utilise but i still want keep the sound ive got at the moment when using the pre and compressor

Normally you would just mute each track and record that way but not possible on this machine as when all channels are playing simultaneously it creates a different sound and thats the sound im after obv when running through the pre and compressor

So basically wondering is it possible to utilise the mono compressor and tube pre and still get the same sound using the individual outputs?

In my head i cant work it out… any insight would be greatly appreciated, hope ive explained it well enough

Yes and no.

You won’t be able to get the same sound without all the tracks running through the Tube and Compressor AND individual outs recorded because part of what makes it sound as it does is how ALL the sounds interact with the processing in those 2 pieces of kit.

So you have a few options.

  1. Multitrack out DRY, do your mixing, then run it through your processing chain and rerecord for mixdown.

  2. If playing live, send all your tracks into a mixer for individual mixing, then put your kit on the output of the mixer.

  3. Get an iPad and a multi-IO interface and use that as your mixer and final compressor/FX, recorder, and all around studio.

Okay - yeah kinda just as I thought just needed some clarification as routing aint my strong point! Thanks for taking the time

I guess first option would be my best one

So that would be a dry signal into computer from desk, do some processing in DAW with fx etc… group all of it together, send that audio to a channel on mixer where comp and pre are inserted and re-record? Would that not mean I need a stereo compressor and pre amp to cater for the stereo fx?

Oh yeah. You’ll still need stereo gear. Though, at that point, you could just do everything in the box unless you really really love the hardware you already have.

Yeah, ITB doesn’t work for me! Stereo it is 🤦

Just thinking… what about inserting on stereo master and recording into DAW that way? Will that just take a stereo master still even if im using individual outs?