Routing midi from Ableton through Rytm?

Just wondering is it is possible to route midi through the rytm( to control a minitaur) so that I do t lose another midi port while playing live, the midi for the minitaur is currently triggering samples in the rytm but not passing through it.

THRU is a copy of whatever goes to the IN. So you can send midi through the Rytm to the minitaur, but not if the minitaur is already plugged into the rytm’s in… (unless you have a merge box). What’s the full chain?

Thanks Anfim :

My current chain is like this.

Laptop Running Ableton w. Controller in for launching clips.
Analog Rytm slaved (being sequenced by itself) with
Minitaur running on the Midi Thru, all mixed through a multichannel mixer with fx on the sends from mixer.

Everything is working perfectly except the miniatur is not receiving the midi through the Rytm, but the Rhtm gets extra notes when I try to pipe the midi through the rytm.

the thru of the analog rhythm transmit only informations that come from the midi din not from the midi usb.

so it’s ableton -> rytm (just clock?) -> minitaur

Like benwadub said, make sure the chain is with midi rather than USB. check the midi pages of the rytm and make sure autochannel is off, this should stop the rytm from playing the notes which are aimed at the minitaur. Then regarding the minitaur not playing anything, are you sure ableton is set to the same channel that the minitaur is listening to? If yes then I’m stumped, someone else will have to chime in :smiley:

Your other option is to sync the rytm using USB+overbridge, and run midi direct from ableton to the minitaur… In my experience overbridge has tighter sync than midi, and midi should be tighter too if the chain is shorter.

Yeah, I already had it running in tandem (to Rytm and Minitaur on separate usb ports) but I don’t want to lose a port if I don’t have to, hence me trying to figure out running the midi through the USB with over bridge. Oh well. I guess I will have to use a iPad to control ableton instead of a controller. No biggie either way.

Thanks for the input guys.