Routing Question

You know that slider scene trick where you have external instruments for one scene and source 3 for another and can slide between the two to mangle external audio?

I want to do that, but with internal audio only. The problem is, how can I have a flex machine listen to track 8 if the tracks are being muted?

I thought about using cues and putting a cable from cue out to AB in, and creating external audio that way. That might actually work, but I don’t have a cable with me.

Am I missing a really simple way to do this?

Just want to play flex machines and then move a slider to remix those flex machines through another…

Unless I am missing on what you want to do why not have SRC3 in one of the record buffers set to CUE, then you can sample whatever combo of tracks are cued using quantised record trig.


Thank you so much!! This is exactly what I was looking for. Didn’t remember cue was a source 3 option. :pray: Sometimes the answer is right in front of you…

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Well I just tried it, and there is still an issue…

When my slider is to the right, I just want to hear the cues I am recording in my track 7 via that one track.

I have muted the recorded tracks by setting their XVOLs to min… But that means their audio gets silenced and never makes it through the cue to track 7.

How can I control their mutes or volume by the crossfader so that I can still record them and only hear them through track 7?

(I know in ‘personalization’ I can set mute when cued, but I don’t think that helps because I can’t control that with the slider…)

[Update, the key is to use XLEV instead of XVOL, I love this effing machine <3]