Rpe seq12

Acid Mitch posted this over at the Cirklon forum, interesting stuff!
Skip 7 mins or so for seq description.

Website here
Anyone here got any experience of it? Youtube has vids going back to 2012 yet I’m reading stuff about it being shown at NAMM?

Edit. Actually got a mention last year by Volcarock in this thread

Dear bluewolfse7en,

i’m pretty sure this is Julian in the video. You find him here in the Forum as Inspektor Gadjet or http://www.inspektorgadjet.com

All the best,


Its an amazing sequencer, I use it to sequence all my MIDI-Synths.
every time a new firmware update is released I am in contact with the developer, a very nice guy. The Sequencer is still available.
What do you want to know about it?