RPN on the Octatrack?

A look through the manual and a search online haven’t turned up much but the Moog Sirin seems to use RPN and I’d like to try sequencing parameter changes. It’s not looking too good, though.

Don’t think it’s possible to use OT midi tracks to transmit NRPNs, but I’ve checked the manual of the Moog Sirin. It uses midi CCs only.

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LSB+MSB for EG Amount for example…

yeah… I guess that isn’t actually RPN. just… not a straightforward CC situation. sigh

You could just use MSB.
You won’t have 14 bit resolution, just 0-127, though.

NOTES: • Sirin sends 7-bit MIDI CC messages for all parameters. It can receive either 7-bit or 14-bit values for the parameters controlled by knobs, but only 7-bit values for parameters con- trolled by switches. • For all parameters, the MSB indicates the ‘regular’ CC number, and the LSB indicates the high-resolution ‘fine’ control value. If you are only sending 7-bit MIDI CC messages to the Sirin, use the MSB number by itself. Note that when MSB-only messages are issued, the value range is always 0-127.


I was hoping to maintain resolution. Thanks!

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Now you really made me curious^^Maybe there is a way to use two midi cc (MSB/LSB) from OT’s midi tracks to control a 14 bit CC.

Have to do some tinkering laterz. :nerd_face:

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Yeah, that’s what I did for my Micromonsta NRPN parameters. Worked like a charm.

Maybe. Good luck!
Seems impossible with a progressive incrementation. If only OT pitch bend wasn’t MSB only…

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