Running out of RAM with only static machines?

As per title. I’m getting “sample error out of RAM” messages while trying to add samples to the audio pool. Problem is, I’m using the project as 7x static machines and Master on 8. How the hell can I run out of ram? I thought ram was used by Flex and recorders, of which I have none on my project.

I should mention my project is pretty big, with 32 patterns, long Static samples (playing stems that have been sliced). But that shouldn’t be it, right?

Do you have a recorder buffer working somewhere? Might be a stray recoder trig?
I have projects streaming 8 samples all over an hour long each all at one and never had that error message. Interested to see if anyone has an answer to your query!

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Also check memory settings.
Reserve Length reduces available RAM.
Once a guy set it as 42s > only 3s available RAM at 24 bit.

In a Flex you can see if recordings have been made by their file weight.

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The audio pool (in OT terms) is the AUDIO folder on the CF card. You won’t get “out of RAM” messages when you drop samples there.

When you meant adding samples to one of the sample slots: to which kind of sample slot are you adding samples? From the error message I guess you are trying to add a sample to a flex sample slot (otherwise the error message won’t make any sense).

To clarify your confusion: its the flex sample slots which defines what gets loaded into RAM and not if you are using any flex machines. By adding a sample to a flex sample slot you tell the machine to load that sample into memory and it will stay in memory until you remove it again from the slot.