Rytm + A4 melancholic dub

I bought a rytm recently and boy do I love it!
Anyway, this isn’t anything spectacular from the rytm but I’m trying to learn to do like soundscapes…


Very nice! Love the dub.

Nice soundscapes and driving rhythm, well done.

Killer Swayzak vibes, love it

Thx guys!

how is your soundscapes research going? Im close to get me a rytm…

well its a process.
but hey, GET A RYTM :slight_smile:

Nice work! Very hypnotic. Like the chords/stabs especially. What synth do you use? Do you run everything through Rytm as samples or keep chords in DAW?

I think the setup was like this.
A4 does 2 evovlving pads
Rytm does the chord stabs and drums.
everything goes in to ableton thru overbridge on seperate outs, som compressors om the master.
think thats it.