RYTM doesn't transmit MUTE from external device to A4

Hi, I apologize if my question is stupid.

I’ve got a KMI Softstep sending midi data to RYTM which transmits midi data to A4.

I programmed the Softstep to send mutes to the Rytm (via midi in input) and to the A4 (via Rytm’s midi out).
It seems that RYTM doesn’t transmit MUTE from Softstep to A4.

Rytm responds to mute sent by Softstep.
When I plug directly the Softstep in the A4, mute works.
When I mute a pad on Rytm, it mutes the right track on A4.

(I checked everything in global settings, midi port config and midi channels, etc).

Have anyone experienced such an issue ?

Thank you.

OK, so I guess that MIDI out of the RYTM doesn’t transmit midi as MIDI Thru does.
Too bad…

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