Rytm: general question: can i record individual tracks WITH FX?

Hi there!

I just bought the AR MK2 and I like it!
however, why did they have to make setting it up with a DAW and recording so tedious?

I noticed for instance in the overbridge standalone app, that there’s a cool audio capture function, that instantly bounces all the individual tracks to wav. However, this is without the FX!

is there a way to achieve this? or is the only way to record the main for each individual track one by one?

I think that’s in the nature of the send effects as compared to individual insert fx. An effects return would necessarily contain the return for all sends.

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Thank you CCR:

So If I understand correctly, there is NO way to record audio from individual outs + FX?
(e.g. via cables and the individual out ports, or via overbridge/usb)

I didn’t count on that when I bought the RYTM.

How do you all do this? it seems to me that in that case, it makes more sense just to record the main outputs and record each track separately…

I’ve not used OB much yet with the AR but can you not record the individual tracks separately and then the send fx only from the main L/R mix channels? Certainly with the analogue outs this is what you can do. Output all the instruments separately on their individual outs and disable sending them to the main outs. Then you get only the FX return signal on the main stereo outs.

The thing that I’m not wild about with this method is you lose any panning automation or p-locking on individual tracks.

Thank you @finalform,

I realise that you can do it that way, and you’d end up with the individual ‘dry’ outs, and then one .wav file with all the ‘wet’ signals together (unless you record each track individually).

So, in other words, there is no way, to multi-track record the entire sequence, and end up with .wav files of the individual tracks + the FX. You’d essentially get the FX in the stereo out recording, but this would be the FX of all the tracks together. Right?

You can record tracks individually together with the fx on the master out (I don’t use OB, so I do not know whether you can stream the fx returns separately), but the fx cannot be separated per track - they are implemented as send effects (delay + reverb) or master effects (distortion + compressor). (Cf. sound architecture in AR manual, p. 13.)

Correct, they are send effects not individual effects on each track

Yeah, bear in mind that if you were to record each track solo’d with its FX return, and then added together all the separate FX returns, it would not sound the same as the FX return would with all tracks active at once. It would be quite messy and with a lot of overlapping/colliding frequencies. This is why generally when mixing it is common practice to have one or two reverbs and a delay as send effects rather than one reverb effect inserted on each track.

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Thanks to all of you.

I was almost ready to accept that I’d just record each track individually from the main outs.
however, I see finalforms point. And it might be better to just add the FX as 1 separate track then. (kind of the same thing as using a bus for instance for effects when working with a DAW right?)

Exactly the same thing, yes!


People keep bringing this up and curse Elektron for it but anyone who takes 5 seconds to reflect on the signal flow of the AR (and most other elektrons) must conclude that it s perfectly logical…

Well DTR, I think its normal that anyone new to the Elektron world needs time to fully understand the workflow. And who’s cursing?

So thanks for helping out!

Happy newyear all!

I’m bound to have a lot more questions in 2021, but this thread may be closed :)!

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Of course, but try the search function first next time :wink:

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Ok! in that case, thanks to everyone, except you ;-)!