Rytm has a burned LCD

just noticed this today…anyone else issues like that??


Yup, just noticed the same thing on mine when i upgraded to 1.22 (its been sitting on the shelf for a while). The spot on mine is a bit bigger. And almost in the center of the LCD. Very annoying.

ok thats sounds strange…just noticed it and i also updated it yesterday to 1.22 and then 1.22B…hopefully its just a bug or so…

What the … Keep us posted. Talk to support immediately. Is this on all screens ?

also with 1.22b
looks also more like a ghosting effect. very slowly fading pixels.

Does it look like a software glitch artefact or a more sinister thing (what about off state). I noticed (i think it was AR) mine felt unusually hot yesterday ! This is a dreadful development, can’t be a coincidence surely. Any other details folks ? Long session, mounting arrangement, age of unit ? Feeling slightly reluctant to turn it on tbh

Shit, this looks horrible. It appears more like a hardware failure directly in the screen (i hope its not though), specialy the decoloration on the black pixels.

Sorta like this guy’s problem,

Got it too!

I did upgrade some month ago, didnt play much with and a couple of weeks ago when I started it I had a big grey spot on the left side of the screen.

The pixel there are “slow”, I mean that when I change stuff around they go from black to this kind of grey but slowly compare to “good” pixels. If you see what I mean…

Every pixels work but its not working properly and I gonna have to make the warranty work.

I thought at first it was the heat as I live in Australia and it gets crazy here, anybody with this trouble live in some unreasonably hot place too?

[quote="<+>"]Sorta like this guy’s problem,

Wow I have the same problem on AR !

Never used for crazy long sessions, no sight of these colors while off. Mine is a year old.

I had sent my AR back to the mothership a few weeks ago for the exact same reason. LCD was swapped and now I can’t shake off the feeling the new one is starting to show the exact same behaviour. It seems like some areas of the display update very sluggishly. The unit is stored and used in my basement at a steady 18°C.


What a bugger…

Just for info, how long did it take to have it change?


Ten days.

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Thanks for updates, grim ! - For the sake of perhaps shedding a bit of light on this

  1. has anyone seen a teardown of an AR, i’d like to see where the LCD sits relative to the USB chip
  2. there’s now 4 or so in the last few weeks - are y’all hitting overbridge hard
  3. are you an electronics engineer: does that even make sense to think on those lines - might it just be random bad luck with a part with quality issues and it just so happens that these machines are getting a lot more action than normal on account of the new features

Looks like the LCD is getting too hot, I remember noticing this on mine when I last used it about 6 months ago, it was more like a dark thumb print in the middle of the display, at the time I though maybe the contrast needed adjusting and planned on looking into it, it has been in storage with the rest of my gear since then, so I will be interested to see how this topic unfolds. If it is a hardware problem then it could be a nightmare :rage:

Hopefully Elektron will chime in…

Posted before your last reply was showing Scott, in my case no overbridge (surprise!) and unit had only been on for a short while 20-30 minutes ar a guess.

cheers - whilst bad, it’s encouraging that it’s probably not directly to do with OB/USB then - may well just be a marginal part issue wrt the AR which presumably gets a bit hotter than the A4 - it is freezing here - so i may be at an advantage ! something to keep an eye on - would be well cheesed if this struck after 3 years though …

hi guys…
…so today i made a little video showing the issue

the machines was off since yesterday evening…so its a cold start what you see…i directly switched it on into test mode…with step button 1-2 you can switch the screen from black to blank…

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I have alike issues. smearing, very slow fading pixels. and on the left its a bit darker, like the issue of the first post.

elektron support says that can appear when the device wasnt used for a while. when things dont get better they offered me a display exchange …