RYTM II + Ultimate Techno Weapon (..?)

hello, i am looking for a good friend for my rytm 2 :slight_smile: unfortunately i can not try all, so i ask for experience? to choose from:

-pittsburgh sv 1
-behringer model d
-pittsburgh microwave
- … ??

i would like to make straight industrial techno, like ben klock sound etc …

I am very grateful for tips :slight_smile:

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the lyra-8 from soma lab could be a good choice if u’re looking for droning and rich of harmonics industrial sound but it’s only dedicated to drones… eurorack imo is the best choice since u can customize your own system according to your tastes and needs, i know is expansive but you can start with one or two modules and add others in time, digitone (just price dropped) and analog four are great machines too, like the new minibrute and many others… anyway all depends by your needs and features you are looking for and budget obviously

Analog heat and a DAW or MTK mixer.
That should get you covered.

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Behringer Neutron and a good distortion/filter box? Like an Analog Heat that was mentioned above or a Sherman Filterbank?

Or maybe an Octatrack? I only have an Octatrack and a mixer and I’m able to somewhat get into that territory with a couple of sample libraries I purchased. If I could add an Analog Heat it would be much easier to dial in the amount of distortion I want. A decent mono synth for basslines and I’d be happy for now. :stuck_out_tongue:

I like Klock as well. :thup:

In a few minutes every synthesizer that is available on the market will be mentioned at least once. :slight_smile: Keep in mind that the Rytm can send midi clock but has no midi sequencer. Your behringer D or pittsburgh synth have to be triggered by a sequencer in order to play along the rytm. A nice synth with its own sequencer would be the sh01a from roland. Feed the clock from the Rytm and use the internal sequencer. If I had no synths (imagine what a desaster that would be!) and I had to pick only one that would work with my Rytm I´d probably get the sh01a.

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Blockquote Keep in mind that the Rytm can send midi clock but has no midi sequencer

Didn’t realize this…scratch that, you need a sequencer first :smiley: …get an Octatrack MK I if you can afford it. If you need something cheaper then something like an sh01a like phelios suggested, Novation Bass Station II, etc…or stand alone sequencer like a Beatstep Pro + inexpensive synth to sequence it.

2nd hand A4 mk1 is insanely cheap these days… Even cheaper than a Digitone !
I would try to get one, if I were you…


Or MFB dominion Club :slight_smile: ?


Pioneer / DSI AS-1

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Klock mostly uses simple sounds, he just uses them very tastefully. Any mono will fit the bill, even the new duel vco engines on the Rytm would be enough.

As mentioned above unless you want to use a Daw to sequence you will need a sequencer. OT fits this bill if that what you want to do. I have an OT but I just sequence from the daw anyway.

I am into the same style of music and use a Roland SH 101 and a Moog Sub 37 for all my synth lines.


Actually, I’d suggest the Digitone. I think it’s excellent for dark, futuristic industrial sounds, and you’re going to need something that can sequence itself since the RYTM isn’t capable of sequencing the synth.

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