Rytm loop recording asynchronous

If you start a synchronous recording internally in Rytm, the recorded track is initially synchronous when you start it with a trig. if you pitch it, then unfortunately it is asynchronous. I don’t think there’s anything you can do about it here. now the question is whether this is also the case with the octatrack? that would be too nice if rytm could do that. via ableton, for example, this works without any problems.

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There is a trick using velocity mod to sample start time and plucking sliding triggers. Tempo synced fully.

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Thank you! Interesting attitude, you have to come up with that first time. it works reasonably well.

it’s a shame that elektron kept the sampler so minimalistic with the mk2, despite the recording function. rytm still has so much potential in many areas that the machine would become a legend.

Here’s a great work around using retrig. This is actually what I meant. I take no credit for these techniques. The people who figured these work around are very smart indeed though!

I don’t think we’ve seen the end of updates for the Rytm. I’m sure there is a 2.0 coming at some point…


that’s really a trick :wink:

thanks for sharing. Neat trick

yes, thank you again! I’ve just tried it and it opens up completely different dimensions. that’s crazy. just record a track in rytm and then pitch it nice and set different trig values. and automations work too. Exactly what I’ve been searching for.

The retrig trick has to be the most brilliant piece of synth programming of all time. Just awesome.