Rytm main outs don’t work unless the cables are only halfway in (Resolved)

This is a weird one. But by using the official mono cables from Elektron into my Behringer soundcard, I find I need to push the cables all the way in to my black Rytm Mk2 Main Outs and then slightly back out again to get a signal otherwise no sound at all. There’s nothing wrong with the signal I receive from doing this, but can anyone explain why this is? I’m using two of these Elektron cables:

I believe the mk2 is balanced TRS mono outs rather than TS mono/instrument?
I dont know enough about what the difference is but AFAIK this may be the problem?

Possibly relevant but haven’t read the whole thread:

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Aha, weird that a mono out needs a stereo cable to work properly but I think you’re on the money!

Yea - not really sure why that is.
As far as I understand TRS (which i dont think is much) both signals should be the same just have their phase inverted - so in theory you should hear a sound no matter what? But yea - gonna leave this for someone more knowledgeable to answer :smiley:

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Further up that thread is a full explanation of the nature of the mk2 individual outs (they are actually not the type that carries an inverted signal):

@craig It’s odd that you have to do that. I am using unbalanced TS cables with my mk2’s individual outs and have not encountered that issue.


This is unusual.

Regardless of whether your interface ins can handle both bal/unbal, or are only unbal (it can only be one of those two options), your TS cables should work exactly the same and you should hear no audible difference with such a short cable length.

re ‘weird that a mono out needs a stereo cable to work properly’ - stereo is only one application of TRS. TRS is simply adding a third wire and this can be used for various things - stereo is one possibility, in the case of balanced cabling (here) it’s for noise reduction, some guitar amps (eg Warwick LWA 1000) use them for switching between channels.

My first assumption is a manufacturing defect in either the cables or the RYTM.
To troubleshoot, I would:

  1. Try other TS cables.
  2. Try some TRS cables (NB if it only works with these, something is still wrong, as it should run fine with TS - but it helps you narrow things down).
  3. Try same cables to connect other synths to same interface and see if problem is present.

This sounds like the plug goes too deep into the jack. When this happens there is no contact to the tip anymore, but the jack contacts to the isolator (black ring). By pulling it slightly back everything is fine again.


Ah! So it’s a faulty Rytm? I mean it’s not something that bothers me too much as I can get by in the ‘studio’ just fine, but if I ever use it live on stage it could become a problem. Maybe I can fix it myself? But then I’d lose my warranty by opening it up. :thinking:

Well, it can be both: either the jack or the plug. I would try different TS cables first.

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Okay, great. Thanks for the help. I’ll give it a try with other cables tomorrow and report back.

Edit: it was the cables. Other cables are working fine.

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