I can play it with pads if I send those to Tanzbar’s midi learn. If I send the sequencer to the midi learn each track goes to BD1. I know the pads are different than the sequencer for some reason (bug?) Any advice/helpful ideas on how to make this work would be appreciated.

You have to set OUTPUT CH to Track CH (in GLOBAL > MIDI PORT CONFIG).

If you set it to Auto Channel, pads send notes 0-11, on Auto Channel.

If you set it to Track Channel, pads send Trig page note (notes between 12 and 60), each pad sending its midi channel set in MIDI > CHANNELS.
With NOT=0, note sent is 36.

The sequencer also sends Trig page notes, and can’t send notes 0-11.

It’s receiving the sequencer but every track on the RYTM is only triggering the bass drum on the TANZBAR?