Rytm mk II – How to change patterns with Octatrack MIDI

I’m hoping to be able to change Rytm mk II patterns in sync with Octatrack via the Octatrack MIDI output.

I’ve been trying to find the pattern change Midi CC parameters for the Rytm, but cannot locate them in the manual (APPENDIX C: MIDI, from pg. 79).

Page 57 says “PRG CH RECEIVE will when active make Analog Rytm MKII respond to incoming program change messages, which is useful when wanting to select patterns externally.”, so I take this is doable.

Any tips?

OT : MIDI > SYNC > Prog Change Send checked, Pchange Channel = X (1-16), not AUTO.
AR : GLOBAL > MIDI > MIDI SYNC > Prog Change Receive checked.
MIDI CHANNELS > Prog Change IN = X (1-16)

Program Changes are not CCs (Control Changes). You have to set the same midi channel for send (OT) and receive (AR).


Cool, thanks!

Can anyone confirm if the Polyend Tracker can send Program Change to the RYTM mk2?

P49 of the Tracker manual (english) says this:

a – f – MIDI CC or PC, channel aftertouch, or poly aftertouch outputs, sends MIDI values from 0 to 127. In the Instrument Settings, choose an instrument like M01, you can check and edit the available assignments. Each MIDI channel has its own now. While working on the Patterns, you now need to specify which MIDI channel you want for each of a – f step effects. Choose the MIDI instrument for that step. There are 16 MIDI channels available in the MIDI Instruments from M01 to M16. It’s possible to assign six different CCs to each of those channels separately.

I don’t fully understand it. I can infer each tracker step can send to a MIDI channel, and the FX1 & 2 can be used to send Programme Change messages to the chosen channel… but I don’t understand the format of the steps/FX.

I don’t own a Tracker and can’t experiment.

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