Rytm mk1 & Overbridge issues

I’m using overbridge and rytm together for the first time and I’m running into some issues. Everything works accordingly until I try to Isolate certain sounds into separate audio tracks - the Rim Sound and a Tom… etc (About 5 of the pads don’t work on there own but the kick and snare work?) The Vst shows audio is coming through but nothing comes out of the audio track? Any clue what could be happening?

Not sure but the usb bandwidth is smaller on the mk1, probably resulting in the impossibility to properly multitrack it.

Hmmmm would overhub help me with in issue like that?


If the VST shows audio (the bars are moving) but you’re not hearing or getting sound into your DAW track then it’s more likely to be some routing/monitoring issue with your DAW.

I had trouble getting started with this too and the way it works is different in e.g. Bitwig vs Ableton. You may need to make sure that every track you want to hear has record enabled or something like that, if the DAW is setup to only record or monitor audio input when the track is record enabled.

you have to go in overbridge control panel and activate which track will be separate into your daw ( you can have six maximum if i remenber well ) it’s about usb bandwith as said before .