Rytm MK2 button issue?


I’m desperately trying to enter the live recording mode to no avail.
Based on the manual to enter live recording mode i have to first hold rec-button and press play for the sequencer to start play and the record button will flash. Most of the time nothing happens when i try the combination, sometimes Rec and Play will lit and stay lit (no flashing of rec button).
I read that there is a rec button bug but compared to the symptoms listet there I have not pad triggering or other unusual behavior when pressing the rec button.
Not sure if I’m doing something wrong, if the there is a typo in the manual or if I have a hardware fault?!

Thanks for your help

Sounds like a hardware issue, though Elektron support will answer you better.

I was afraid of that and somehow hoped it was just stupid me!

Hello everyone, and nice to meet you all :slight_smile:

I m new users in Elektron machin and got my AR MKII today , really happy with the way it sounds amazing but i got a little problem with mine i m gonna explain …

When i hit the Record button while playing, i have the new chain button light actived and te Bpm in the same time actived on the screen and the machine …

Some help will be nice because i can’t recorded my step correctly with just record + play .

Thanks and sorry for my english from france :wink:

Here is a little video of the problem

I recommend you contact Elektron support or better yet, your retailer.

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My retailer gonna change the unit next week was the last one but i m totally sad to not can enjoy thi beauty :-/

Sorry to hear. You‘re not alone, some people on these forums had to exchange/send theirs in. I just got mine back a few days ago after it developed an issue with the pads.

in case thx a lot !!

Yep - not good, needs to be replaced - merging with similar thread

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