RYTM mk2 -> Polyend Poly (v1) Modulation output

I have successfully gotten my RYTM mk2 to send MIDI to a Polyend Poly (v1) and getting gate, pitch, and velocity CVs out, but I am wondering if there is a way to also send a CC message out from the RYTM for the Poly to convert to a modulation output jack CV. The CC number on which the Poly receives is configurable, according to its manual. However, I’ve been searching around for a way to send a CC message out from the RYTM on a per trig basis. Can I get there from here? Thanks in advance.

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There is not. The AR’s sequencer only sends MIDI Note messages.

Gotcha. How about sending MIDI note messages when tapping the pads, not just when a trigger is reached when playing a sequence?

Tapping the pads will send MIDI Note messages if you set PAD DEST to “INT+EXT” or “EXT” in the GLOBAL > MIDI CONFIG > PORT CONFIG menu.

I do have that set to Int+Ext already. Strange.