Rytm MkI - play button not functional

I’m sure I’m doing something stupid - my Rytm doesn’t do anything when I press the play button (doesn’t start playing the sequence). I can’t find anything that seems to be a related setting.

I thought it might need an OS upgrade or a factory reset. Neither have had any effect (OS up to 1.46 beta), and test mode shows no errors, leading me to believe I must have overlooked some basic setting.

To clarify, it’s behaving as if connected to my computer running my DAW, whereby the play/pause it controlled in the DAW and the Rytm’s play button does nothing, but at the moment it isn’t connected to the computer; I’m trying to use it with headphones. I would try reconnecting and running the DAW but I don’t have access at the moment (had to uninstall to conserve resources on old machine).

Any guidance is greatly appreciated!

Did you pressed play button while in test mode? A led should light up.

I didn’t understand that. :thinking:

Did you try without anything connected / plugged? (MIDI /USB)

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No LED lights up when I press play while in test mode - I presume this is an issue?

Yep this is all while not connected to anything (just headphones plugged in).

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if you press rec play stop - the first three Trig lights will respectively come on

if you press the first three/four/etc Trig lights you should get a white and black screen for first two and a colour show thereafter - but when test pressing the three transport buttons the first three trigs will light up


Thanks for the info - I get only trig lights 1 and 3 lighting up (i.e. when I press play, trig light 2 doesn’t light up).

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Sounds like you need to clean or replace the switch. Make a support ticket for advice


Will do, thanks very much for the guidance

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