Rytm mkii + Overbridge = record individual track midi out to separate DAW tracks?


I’m about to launch into ordering a Rytm Mkii.

I checked past posts, but most about this topic are pre-Overbridge 2.0.

So I want to ask users if it’s possible for the Rytm to send individual track midi (from its sequencer data) out to individual DAW tracks across Overbridge 2.0?


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Yes it is. Each track sends midi on a seperate midi channel. though i believe It doesn’t send it from the OB plugin, but via regular USB midi (working alongside OB)

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Lovely to know! thx

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You can even send/reciev midi in the form of the scenes/perfs. So if you are using a daw you can automate them, or map the perfs to CCs (in the daw) to control plugins or other devices!!

bloody brilliant, again thanks for the info!

… can anyone tell me how to do this? If you know of any documentation or tutorials please share! <3

The MIDI CC spec is here: https://cdn.www.elektron.se/media/downloads/analog-rytm-mkii/Analog-Rytm-MKII-User-Manual_ENG_OS1.61E_220202.pdf#page82

thanks! will check it out

OK that is the midi channel codes in the manual …? I have that too, actually I am trying to do this on an Analog Four MKII … I am looking for some guidance on how to actually record the performance changes, I have no idea how that happens … any advice welcomed!