Rytm + Octatrack (about midi and patterns)

So. I’ve been using Octatrack for half a year now, and recently bough a Rytm. Great thing, been able to create great sounds and beats with it.

So when I hook them up together, I’d like to get the Octatrack to trigger the patterns from the Rytm through MIDI, instead of the individual beat sounds.

I can get the Octatrack to slave the Rytm, but only for individual sounds on individual channels. What am I doing wrong? It’s obviously some small thing I’m overlooking, but since the manual isn’t really clear on how to do this, I thought some of you will probably know how to do it…

Thanks in advance, y’all!

To change patterns you need to send program change messages to the AR.

It’s discussed in this thread: Receiving Program Change Messages Not Responding Immediately

I’m not currently using that method myself but I think the issue discussed in the thread above regarding sync and pattern changes has been solved by Elektron.

No, I think you misunderstood - that’s not what I meant.

I mean: I have a pattern on Rytm. And i want to trigger it from Octatrack. Hence: press ‘play’ on octatrack, and through MIDI the Rytm plays the track.

Now it plays individual notes (i can assign those).

Anybody has a clue?

Hmm… Do you mean setting up the OT to send midi clock and transport messages to the AR to get the AR sequencer to start/stop using the OT start/stop buttons. In that case it’s in the sync menus on both machines. OT needs to send midi clock and transport messages and the AR needs to be listening.

Thanks. I’ve managed to get it right. I think. It works on a track I built, no idea what I’ve changed. Anyway, I’ll keep trying, see what it gives.

I think it’s just a case of turning off ‘receive midi note’ on the AR, and I think something to do with the Midi channels. I had the same problem, I can’t remember what I did until I’m home and looking at the screens.