Rytm on Valium

Last week I tore a muscle in my back. Couldn’t move at all, and the docter adviced me valium. This stimulated me to make this track. Vocal by Jim Morisson, Poem from An American Prayer. All sounds come from Elektron Rytm, since it was pretty difficult to use more than one machine on Valium



Cool song.
Drugs are bad.

Thank you!

I think it is not good to use valium or other drugs for fun… But now i am really happy with it. I couldnt move, sit, laugh, eat… It made me crazy. Now i can have some rest and be able to let my body recover. So i think it is more like a medicine…

Feedback is more than welcome, i always learn a lot of it

Real nice song.
Surprised you had enough concentration to do it while on the valium :wink:

Drugs are only bad if they are abused.
It’s the same with sugar.
Sugar addiction kills more people around the world each year than illegal drugs.