Rytm / Overbridge 1.15 / Ableton and a USB Midi Keyboard

Dear Community

Once more I’m requesting your help.
I’ve search for problems similar but could not find anything like it.

What I’d like to do:
The new Overbridge 1.15 has got a “new” Interface with a small Keyboard.
I own a Akai LPK25 and I’d like to play my RYTM with this Keyboard through Overbridge.
I think it should be possible to play the active track as well it should be visible what I play on the Overbridge Keyboard.

How far am I:
I’ve set up a new Project in Live 9, got the Rytm Overbridge VST running.
Midi IN on Ableton Track is LPK25.
Midi Sync settings in Live are: LPK25 Track ON, RYTM everything OFF.
At the moment the Keyboard just plays BD1, Channel 1 somehow must be activated I guess, and I can’t see that the Overbridge Keyboard reacts to the LPK25, actually it did for 5 secondes when I open the Rytm VST for the first time. Hmmmm…

So my question is:
Can I somehow hook the Keyboard up with Overbridge, so that if I’d play the LPK the OB Keyboard reacts and I can play the active track?

I hope it’s clear what I want and you guys understand.



I’ve managed to change the RYTM tracks by creating an External Instrument track in Ableton, and than changing the Midi To setting to a RYTM track, as well the overbridge Keyboard reacts on that.

Good so far, but:
Does someone of you guys knows if it’s possilbe to make the LPK25 plays the active track if I change it on my RYTM and if it is possible to recorde in to the RYTMs Stepseqencer what ever I play with the Keyboard?