Rytm recording a little jittery as ERM clock slave into Ableton (out of main and Indi outs)

Curious if anyone else has this issue? I am not using overbridge ATM, using an ERM sync box. My other drum machines record right on the grid but the Rytm seems to jitter by a bit. I am running into an RME at 32 samples and also tried 64.

I use a blank Ableton project with no plugins except the ERM which does not impact the latency. I go into an audio track with monitoring off and delay compensation on. If DC is off the latency is too much - 4ms.

Maybe the Rytm just is not super tight unless I use overbridge? Main reason I care is because the sounds come in early sometimes and sometimes a little late so it makes editing and punching in more difficult.

I recorded an Indi out and main out together and they both hit at the same time together so that is good. Its just that they don’t hit the grid at the same time and I am recording Beats 1, 5, 9 , 13 with no swing.

When I switched to 64 samples the Rytm was coming in early. So it is a bit unpredictable so dialing in a latency in the ERM would not be accurate either.

Guess I may have to use Overbridge instead. I really wanted to record the effects because I use them a lot on the Rytm. Frustrating. Anyone else deal with this?

Update, I was on the 1.61B OS. I updated to the 1.61E and now seem to have consistent latency of 7ms when recording out of the outs and synced to the ERM. The key was to set Ableton’s tracks to monitoring in and not off. For some real the Rytm comes in early when I do that - not an issue with my other gear though. It’s wild.

I also tried the newest overbridge and I am getting different latencies each time I record a take. I reached out to Support to see why. It is very odd since my analog keys Mk1 was really tight to the grid on the same settings.

I was expecting to have the 4x4 kick drums hit right on the grid with OB and have no stress there, but it’s not happening.

EDIt - I solved the ERM sync issue. I did not realize that I had old values for old machines saved in the ERM. So I was pulling the RYTM forward because of that. Made the adjustment and the RYTM is dialed in with great timing. I lined up my octatrack to it, and then are both hitting at the same time on the grid with no jitter so I am happy. Worth the extra work to get it dialed in, imo.

Ill update this for anyone searching down the road, as I think I am good to go.

My ERM had values for old machines saved in it, and I did not know :sweat_smile:. So it was pushing my RYTM forward, not an issue with the Rytm. I took some time to dial in the timing, so when I record in Ableton with monitoring off I get my 4x4 kicks under 1ms from the gridline. I then put a rim shot on my octatrack and timed that out as well then saved the values. I can play the Ableton metronome, OT and Rytm recordings and they all hit together with no phasing at all. A few observations:

At 32 samples interface setting, the Rytm comes in just needing a +1.08ms delay. It won’t be the same for everyones machines and interfaces, but a good starting point.

The individual outs hit a little earlier than the main outs on the Rytm, which makes sense since the mains have FX on them. The good news is that it is imperceptible, and will not even phase. It is less than 1ms difference.

Workflow for me with this setup is letting everything run through the stereo outs while I compose and then splitting the bass and kick out to the indis and recording the other stuff through the mains. Benefit is the ERM is rock solid now that the machine latencies are dialed in and saved, so it removes the uncertainty of Overbridge working or not. It also lets me use the distortion and compressor on the sounds going through the mains.I typically parallel compress those sounds. The cons are that it’s a few extra takes if I want the snare separate and any chord/vocal samples I have.

If Support gets back to me I will also try overbridge and compare and contrast. But I am just happy to have everything synced up and working so I can get back to writing music.