Rytm setup with iPad - any tips?

Hi guys,

Just today I ordered a Rytm, which will hopefully get to me by the weekend. I have an iPad, so obviously I will be getting the STROM app, but I was wondering if any of you guys integrate an iPad into your workflow. I looked for a thread on this but didn’t see any with my exact situation.

Is there a way to MIDI sync iPad music apps to the Rytm? I’m thinking of driving a synth app like Thor with the Thesys step sequencer, for example, but would like the Start/Stop to be controlled by Rytm. Is there a setup that would allow me to do this? I have a camera connection kit and a Focusrite iTrack Dock.

And what about recording the output of the Rytm in Audiobus? I could Line In to the iTrack Dock, but would the CCK also allow this somehow?

My basic goal is to have Rytm playing drums and a killer bass line, while playing synths over the top on my iPad. My stretch goal (ha!), though, would be to MIDI sync iPad music apps while also being able to add live vocals or guitar via my iTrack Dock. That may be a bit optimistic! Either way, I would like to record the output on my iPad if possible.

Your thoughts would be appreciated, as I’m very much a hardware noob!

Not sure if you will be able to use Strom and sync a synth app at the same time. Remember the RYTM can’t sequence other gear it can send MIDI start/stop info though. So if you wanted to use an app with a sequencer and sync the two, you would need something like an Oplab or iconnectmidi. This is to send the stop/start messages between RYTM and iPad.
I personally just sample my iPad synths and load them into the RYTM. iPad is on full time STROM duties from now on I think.