Rytm Sysex list?

Wow that’s very kind !
I’ll receive my Rytm only tomorrow at best, so it’s no rush. Are you french ?

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Yes. We traded a Digitone and a Heat if you remember :slight_smile: (Quentin, worked at IRCAM)

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Of course I remember !
Thanks a lot for the offer, and let’s move to PMs if you don’t mind.

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kudos … somewhat more impressive than merely stopping outside to get a cheeky selfie (as i just had to :wink: )

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:smiley: thanks

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Current Kit Request: F0 00 20 3C 07 00 68 01 01 00 00 00 00 05 F7

0x68 is the ID (found in sysex.h under ar_sysex_request_id_t)
0x00 is the NR (kit #) since we are asking for the currently loaded kit.

That’s for the Current Kit Work Buffer loaded in the RYTM, not Saved Kits.

Sysex is encoded to save space…think of it as being encrypted…without decoding the received sysex, you won’t be able to make sense of the numbers or do anything useful.

You need to request -> decode -> edit values -> encode -> send

The library handles encoding / decoding. You could try to port those functions over to javascript.


Thanks a lot !

why js over min.devkit?

Because for a non (classic) developer, although an advance Max one, learning a dynamically typed language (with all the memory management taken care of) is way easier.

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