RYTM via Overbridge with Ableton Drum Rack & Push


I’ve created a drum rack in Live. I put external instruments in each drum cell and set the Midi to: and audio from: for each cell but when I play the drum pads on Push, it plays the BD chromatically.

Can anyone help me with this?

Thanks in advance.



You need to place the VST inside an empty cell in the rack. I’m still trying to find out the correct midi routing.

Isn’t it just a matter of note values? first octave is the different voices next octave is the chormatic for a given channel or something?

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You can’t use chromatic in Drumrack with RYTM, set the i/o for C1. Mine works great with push. Prob is that using the VST and Engine only allows for 8 parts at a time.

So here’s my take away from this little project. Theoretically, I could create a max patch that sends a cc value to change the rytm’s function to chromatic before the midi signal. I’ve noticed that the vst doesn’t have a chromatic function which led me to this conclusion. The switch on the vst is to turn off chromatic all together which to me is kinda useless since the scale is set to isolated midi values that correspond to the pads on the machine. I would have to find all those values and fold the midi scale in ableton to only play in that range. But, I do have the vst in the rack with all parts and I can confirm it does in fact work as a drumrack in ableton.

If you don’t care about the vst and want to use multiple machines in ableton then I suggest reading this article:

With the new Overbridge, I want to set each track on the RYTM into the Ableton drum rack. I’m trying a bunch of ways but seem to can’t get close. Any workaround on this?


You’re over complicating it…

BD runs from -C2 and following channels upwards. Anything above the 12 pads will begin to play chromatically. You can include a pitch midi effect to allow for pitch p locks within ableton sequencer