RYTM vs TR-8

I’m thinking about buying a RYTM Mk2 but would have to sell my DIGITAKT + TR-8 for some cash and desk space. Do you think I’ll miss the TR-8? I’m really into making old school techno, acid etc. so obviously will want the 606 707 909 sounds but I can load these as samples. Can the RYTM machines do these types of sounds, a lot of the demos sound quite acoustic? I’m also worried about voice count, I have 12 voices of TR-8 at the moment plus 8 tracks of samples on the Digitakt, but the RYTM only has 8 voices right?

In case you’re wondering why I want to do this its because of space. I’m thinking about replacing my MX-1, TR-8, JU-06, electribe 2 and digitakt with just a RYTM MK2 and Analog 4 MK2, then using the two inputs in the A4 for my SH-01A and MB33 for a mixerless setup. Just four boxes instead of seven. I just wanna make sure I don’t regret it afterwards. I could keep the Digitakt and forego the RYTM but it has no Ext Ins like the digitakt so I can’t daisy chain the audio and go mixerless.

I bought a RYTM Mk1 originally because I wanted something with which I could get close to a classic 909/808/606 feel, and that would give me the ability to dial in the sound instead of having to swap out samples.

That didn’t really worked out for me. I ended up getting rid of the RYTM for various reasons, and I now use a TR-08 and TR-09 for this type of thing.

Using samples might work for you, and the RYTM is a really good analogue drum machine, but IMHO it’s not a direct replacement for those classic Roland boxes in the way their Aira and the Boutique series can be.

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Why do you want a Rytm? You got a TR8, Digitakt and a Electribe, you can create at least hundreds of tracks with those! I have a TR8 and a Electribe too, those are pretty good in delivering 606, 707 and 909 sounds and if you really need more different drum sounds use the digitakt. Or have you already reached the limits of the digitakt ?!
Don’t sell your gear for a Rytm. Try to rearrange your desk or room for more space. The gear you mentioned is already way more than people had 30 years ago. Especially if you want to make acid (the sound :wink: ) and techno, you setup is perfect. Don’t go for a mixerless setup. I have a Mx1 and it is not just a mixer, but something that can sidechain, connect the Sh01a with a usb. Mx1 can stream all channels into a pc, where you can adjust every single channel I don’t know if this would be the case with the inputs of the A4.

I say keep you setup, make much music with it and try to save up money if you really “need” a rytm.
Or better save up for some fx that can be combined with you current setup.


MX-1 is perfect as your rocking aira boxes - much cheaper than a Rytm and you have the classic sounds covered already. If desk space is an issue just rotate gear so that your workspace is less cluttered as the mx-1 will take same space as the tr-8. Putting things away in the cupboard for a few weeks is cool :sunglasses:

Thanks guys, you really cleared it up for me. I’m gonna stick with what I have, it is a cool set up and took me years to settle on and I think I’d regret it. I just finished an album and thought some new gear might give me inspiration for the next but I’d probably just spend my time learning new gear.

Here’s my rig by the way


What I really miss about TR8 is not the sounds, but easy and fast sidechain pumping effect and shuffle (way better than the Rytm). If it’s just the sound you’re interested in, Rytm synthesis is infinitely more powerful than the Roland ACB and if necessary there are always samples that come to life through analog filter and overdrive.

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You’ve come to the right decision – stay strong and learn those things backwards. Insane amount of mileage there.

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I really like my TR8 and your setup is great for your style of music. Sometimes I wish it was more versatile but then I always like how it sits in a mix and I’m running it through the DSI filter on SP16, Which works for me. TR8 Is just one of those solid machines you would miss.

As every new gear… And in your case if you swap those to Rytm MK2 + Analog MK2 you will swap a known workflow to something really different. And if your after the classics sound you will be disappointed… it will take efforts on workflow, efforts on sound-design… And tune synth-voice is not the same than Tune sample there’s always some alteration. Things are not the same (at least for me I don’t like it)

I would swap in the ACID synth area one MAM to a TB-3 i would keep one mam to usually keep a doubled TB Bass clean and one TB-3 to go Acid and crazy on TOP of it… Maybe add a microGranny in your setup to cover voice granular (in the 6th senth Josh Wink oriented way…+Granular textures) or an iPad with Granular APP (and don’t tell DT cover Granular I suggest to go further with real granular synthesis)

Monitors ? maybe i don’t see and you have it near your computer area.

The TR-8 or boutiques are definitely what you want for that classic style (unless you had the original boxes). Note that Cenk even uses the TR-09 and has a Rytm :slight_smile:

That’s cuz the TR-09 is actually quite legit :diddly:

Cant say the same about the rest of em ACB drumboxes though. I think I prefer the AR808 sound to the TR-08, the TR-08 sounds very sibilant somehow…

But someone preferring the ACB shuffle to the rytms? naww man, no way! The rytm’s microtiming, nondestructive quantize and swing trigs smoke the ACBs IMO.

What the Rolands got on point are the UI’s though… hands-on, fast.

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Well… i would go with the rytm. Longer setup but way more control and your settings stay saved in the song. When i had a tr-8. Always hated that i would tune toms to my track and then have to move the settings for a new song and then coming back to the first everything is off. Plus pressing performance pads for filter sweeps or whatever. However, for a fully live performance a la kink the tr-8 is probably impossible to beat.

Do not get rid of the ju-06 though. You will be sorry.

I don’t really use the JU much to be honest, might swap it out for something else

In that case you are in luck, It’s a seller’s market I’ve seen them going for over 600us. I love love mine.

I don’t dislike it, but don’t really find myself using it much. I think because the prices are so high it has made me wonder if the money could be put towards something I’d make more use of. I might see what other boutiques they release. I’d like a JP-8000.

Rytm mki and Tr-8 with full sound expansion here.

Keeping both, as they are very useful and nice sounding machines.

I prefer the rytm for parameter locks, conditional trigs, and less limited sound, but the tr-8 has a more intuitive interface and you always know what you will get, so you spend less time pondering options.


I recently got a TR-8s to see if I like it as a more hands on alternative to the Rytm, and also as a quick path towards classic TR sounds.

So far I’m missing mainly the step probability and a way to move/nudge an individual trigger.

I like the 8 variations per pattern that the TR-8s has, but it appears that the only way to make a pattern longer then 16 steps is to chain multiple variations. But this then destroys the whole idea of having 8 variations to play with.

With the absence of step probability I find 16 steps really too little for pretty much any pattern. Do you find this an ok limitation? Did I miss something maybe?

And without a way to move triggers or record them off-grid it seems that the TR-8s is only capable of fixed grid patterns. Of course you can apply swing but it’s global.

I think you can chain patterns too, not just the variations. Not sure.

You could sell the TR8, Roland Synths, and Electribe and get the Rytm and be able to make tracks with that and your other Elektron box easily. Less footprint as well. I can do most everything live just with my A4 and OT. I love gear but no need to feed my GAS when these do the job.

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