Sample chain clicks only with LFO to slice #?

So I have a number of sample chains with multiple hits of various things that I try to vary hoping it’ll make things less static but…

when I try to automate sample start with an LFO (shape doesn’t matter) the octatrack will add a click to the beginning of about 1 out of every 4 slices. If the starting slice # and the LFO settings stay the same it will always happen on the same slices. If I don’t use a LFO and p-lock the same slice #'s there are no clicks. I’ve even tried adding a smidge of silence before each slice but the behavior stays the same.

Any ideas?

Are you using the chain on a Static or a Flex machine?

Well I had been using static but after putting the same chain in a flex and my problems disappearing I guess I won’t anymore.


The manual says you can’t modulate start by LFO on a Static machine, although iirc I have read some people have been successful. Haven’t tried it myself.

Yup the manual says you can’t do it, but you can, you just get funky artifacts. I wonder whether this is the case with faster cards though.