Sample-chain out of sync

Hello, new Octa user here. Quite comfortable with yet.

Now I face a really cumbersome problem.
I try to translate stems from my DAW (Reaper) to Octa via OcktaChainer.
First time I did this it worked perectly.
Now it seems that the samples vary in lengt just a bit.
Enough to make the chain shorter than it should be at the end.
That makes them drift out of sync in a four bar loop.
This seems to bring up some serious timing issues despite the fact that the slices are cut perfectly.

Has anybody else faced this? Do I have to trim the samples in a dedicated audio editor?
How many samples are four bars at 102 BPM and 44,1 Khz?

Thank´s for thinking this over.

Edit: I pitched them by accident. Be aware of reaching for the A controller when choosing the slice and setting up the SRC parameters.,
I had simply detuned my samples.


How do I calculate the number of samples per beat in my audio recording....

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Hello and thank you for the answer.
Have you done this the old school way? Or ist there a tool that can calculate it.
Might not be too hard to set up this in even an Excel formula.

Edit: Overlooked the link. Very useful thank you. :+1: :smiley:

Why isn’t your result divisible by 4? :thinking:

Don’t know, should it? 102 not 120 bpm

There is rounding up in the calculation, actual number is 415058.8235294

I did this


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Don’t mind. You are right. :slight_smile: